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Pebble Island

Once upon a time, there was a land called The Past. It was a dark island full of lurking shadows waiting to swallow you up. As you walked across the ground, you realized the land was made of pebbles of memories, regrets, and lost dreams. Each pebble had a name, and the longer you lived

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Beautifully Broken

What began as a small crack, now shattered in too many pieces to count. Once full of innocence and joy, now wound after wound had left it bruised and broken. Where love and hope used to live there was now only darkness and despair. When the pain had become too much to bear, a wall

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About My Work

My journey has taken me from homelessness to building an award winning design firm to multiple disaster zones and beyond. Throughout all my adventures, I continue to see the importance of our stories and the impact they have on the lives of everyone who hears them.

Whether it’s your individual story, the story of your organization to the stories of those you served my job is to help you choose the right canvas to help you tell that story.

Sometimes it comes in the form of designing a new brand, sometimes during our interactive events, sometimes through books out t-shirts and sometimes it even comes in the form of retired furniture

Each story is unique. Each story matters. Each story deserves to be told.

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