What began as a small crack, now shattered in too many pieces to count. Once full of innocence and joy, now wound after wound had left it bruised and broken. Where love and hope used to live there was now only darkness and despair. When the pain had become too much to bear, a wall of protective armor was built around it. Layer upon layer welding its precious cargo in an impenetrable fortress. The zeal that filled a room was now hidden by an iron shell of numbness. Oh how it longed to feel something again. Even the pain was better then this feeling of nothingness… It had heard of a Healer who fixed all wounds. Someone who could move mountains, cure the incurable and somehow love the unloveable. But fear kept it from taking the journey into the Forest of the Unknown to find Him. One day after many years of struggling though the storms of life and suffocating on its incurable desire to be whole and loved, the pain was finally overwhelming and from deep within the walls of the iron fortress Broken Heart called out “Healer! I need you”. And with that indescrible cry the bolts that once held the armor together flew off. LIGHT…So much light…more than it had ever seen before. It was almost too much to take in. Once again fear set in but this time it was a different kind of fear, a fear of leaving the comforts of the past and the familiarity of the pain. With all the strength it had left, Broken Heart found just an ounce of courage deep within the depths of its soul and decided set off on a journey to find The Healer it had heard so much about. Gathering the remains of what it once knew and finding the courage to take the first step was the harder then Broken Hear thought. It had to go down the Path of Memories. Passing by the Valley of Pains from the Past was the only way to make it to The Healer. Each step closer to the Healers House was one step closer to Freedom but the fear of the unknown journey ahead was almost crippling. “ What if the Healer can’t fix me? What He sees my darkest secrets? What if..I’m not worthy to meet Him?”  In the distance Broken Heart saw the Healers House and shortly came upon a sign that read “All trespassers, All Sinners, All Nobodies are welcome here. Please remove your guilt and enter here..my grace covers all.”  On the short path to the entrance of the Healers House there were pebbles on the side of the road. Each one with a truth about Broken Hearts life. They were so hard to read. Some were of horrible tragedies that others had done to the it but the hardest ones were the ones that Broken Heart had done to others. Accepting the wrongs done in the past to help open itself was the main invitation to The Healer and it had come too far to turn back now. So with each step, another truth, another reality was owned by Broken heart.   It finally accepted all it did wrong and all wrong done ti it and to its surprise at the end of the path as it looked up…there stood the Healer.  He had made it!!! With no words exchanged, just rivers of tears flooding the eyes of Broken Heart it fell into the hands of the Healer.  The Healer said nothing either, just held it tight in His great big loving hands. After all the hurt had poured out of its liquid eyes, the Healer i nvited Broken Heart in for tea.  Together they sat in front of a warm, crackling fire as Broken Heart told The Healer how it had once been whole. How it was once full of joy, innocence, hope, faith, and life. Untarnished and glowing with such a great energy, how it’s radiance had once filled a room. It pointed to itself, showing the damage it had to wear now. The pain and torture worn like tattered cloth draped from its being…the scars of life…the broken cracks that hurt so much.   The The Healer knelt by the Broken Hearts side and as it was sharing the toughest memories, the Healer reached into His pocket and grabbed a long bandage. Each memory the Healer would bind the wound of the Broken Heart.  Each story of how alone it had felt during the dark and terrifying moments. It didn’t think it was ever hurting anyone else as it built its layers of protection against the world. It didn’t know not being able to open itself would create a sheer crack within another. It would have never made certain decisions if it had known this! Between the hardest memories, the Healer just sat with the Broken heart and together they wept… At times Broken Heart was on the verge of panicking but The Healer would just embrace it. Suddenly, a warmth filled what was cold, lit what was dark, and healed the pain within. And for the first time it could remember…Broken Heart rested.  The next morning without even realizing it,  a new journey had begun.  One it would not have to walk alone.  Alone had been all it knew until now.  The steps were slow and unsure at first.  They talked as they walked together, a trust growing in spite of all the questions.  Sometimes it was quiet between them but the Healer never left.   They came across reminders of the past, from time to time, and heard voices of lies Broken Heart had always believed.  The Healer was patient and every time it turned towards Him He was there with open arms and love in His eyes.  When He spoke, the voices were silenced and each time they embraced He shared His strength and gave it a renewed purpose.  As time passed it realized that the Healer would never leave and without realizing it, it was filled with hope and joy seemed to spill out through all those cracks and wash over the scars. The longer they walked together the more others were drawn to the love between them and together they embraced the pain they found in others. After many months of continued healing Broken Heart asked the question it had held back for so long..too scared to ask such a big question. But now the trust was built and a friendship was grown so with a deep breath Broken Heart said “Healer…why did all this happen to me?” Healer looked at Broken Heart for a moment and said “I’ve waited for you to ask me this question, everyone always does at some point or another. Sometimes people are not ready to hear the truth but I believe you are ready to accept this truth. Some of the bad happened because others that were broken did not know any better and they began to break you. Some of this happened because of your own decisions. Some of this happened because I needed to grow you. Some of this happened to who you empathy for others. And some of this happened simply because we live in a sinful world. What you need to know most is that I am proud of you and even on your darkest days…I was with you. You were never alone. I have waited for years for you to come see me so I could bind your wounds. And now…it is time for you to return home…where I will continue to be with you, even when you can’t see me.” This brought forth tremendous fear in and Broken Heart said “Healer NO! I am not ready to go. I am still do broken. See all my cracks? Now that my iron shell is gone, what if others see the cracks too?? The healer smiled and and turned the broken heart towards the mirror and said “My Child…you are not simply broken, you are BEAUTIFULLY BROKEN FOR A PURPOSE. The more cracked you are the more my light can shine through you. See?”As the Broken Heart looked at the reflection in the mirror not only did it see it’s own reflection, but it saw the reflection of the Healer shining through it too. “Oh Healer…How can I ever repay you for all you have done for me?” Beautifully Broken Heart asked? The Healer simply said “Go back and tell others. Show them the path. Tell your story so they know they are not alone and use the cracks of your life to be completely transparent so they can also see my light shining through you.” And for the rest of it’s days…the Beautifully Broken Heart followed the Healers instructions and helped other meet Him just as it had so many years ago.